XRay Workflow

Great workflows begin with context, clarity, and consistency.

Use XRay Workflow to perform, document, and share workflows built with the tools you already use today.

XRay analyzes every aspect of your business and tools to discover opportunities for automation.

A Homescreen for Your Workflows

Defining Workflows

The manual and automatic actions required to consistently achieve a repeatable goal.


Any Software

Bring all of your web tools together in place

Any Tool. Any Resource. All centralized into one view.

XRay Workflow stitches together the tools and links you use everyday into one, simplified, organized board, making it easier than ever to get work done quickly and effectively.

Create context for all of your workflows

Save training docs, flowcharts, and required assets right alongside your SaaS tools.

Give everyone on your team the context they need to run a workflow without having to switch through dozens of tabs, search for files, or ping their colleagues.
Project Delivery

A dedicated delivery platform for no-code workflows

No-code and low-code builders utilize dozens of tools like Airtable, Zapier, Make, Notion, GSuite, Typeform, and more. 
But where do those automated workflows actually live?

XRay Workflow gives your workflow resources a home. Just share a single link with your clients or team, and they’ll be able to easily see and use every side of the system you’ve built.

You can also embed these public links inside of your website via a regular HMTL embed.

Used by Big and Small Organizations Alike

XRay Your
Social Media
Sales Ops

Faster Grading. Better Feedback.

"As a professor, XRay Workflow has significantly reduced my grading time while still allowing me to give accurate, personalized, and thoughtful feedback to all my students.

Consolidating the information, categorizing, keywording, and color-coding saves me a huge amount of time while grading. Having single-click access to my saved resources drastically streamlines the grading process."
Flora Gordon
Professor of Design, SFU

Curating Resources for a Community of Entrepreneurs

"I have hundreds of resources curated ranging from individual marketplaces to niche tools that help me find and capitalize on opportunities before the masses. XRay Workflow gives me a single surface to curate all of it, and share a single, up-to-date link with my community.

If you’re building something with a team, or want to share the context around an automation, there is no better way to see every resource involved."
Vazul Hites
Web3 Entrepreneur

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